Rock Climbing

Introduction to Climbing

New to climbing? Want to give it a try, but don’t know where or how? Learn the basics of climbing and bouldering from some of India’s best athletes!

Duration of Course : 1 day
Level of Difficulty : Easy
Price : Rs. 2500/-

Lead Climbing

So now you are addicted to rock climbing and want to do more than just top rope climbing? May be it’s time for you to learn lead climbing and belay.

Duration of Course : 1 day
Level of Difficulty : Moderate
Price : Rs. 3500/-

The Basic Rock Climbing Course in Association with Equilibrium Climbing Gym

Intricacies of rock climbing taught by India’s most renowned sport climbing instructors!

Duration of Course : 2 days
Level of Difficulty : Moderate
Dates : 30th & 31st January 2016
Price : Rs. 5000/-

Location : Bangalore

Multi-pitch Climbing

The climbing ‘team’ is of paramount importance to any expedition. Learn how to be a team player, read a route, descend with a team etc., during this Multi-pitch Climbing course.

Duration of Course : 1 day
Level of Difficulty : Slightly Difficult
Price : Rs. 4000/-

Alpine Climbing

Alpine climbing aka Trad Climbing Course will teach you how to climb using  chock, nuts, friends and other trad equipment

Duration of Course : 1 day
Level of Difficulty : Difficult
Price : Rs. 3500/-

The Advanced Rescue Course

So this one is going to be a tough nut to crack. You will have hard routes, night climbs, rescue missions, first aid lessons, EFR (Emergency First Responder) and much more. The 3 days and nights of this course is going to be perhaps the hardest you had ever lived, but we promise, completely worthwhile. Listen to all the instructions carefully and make sure you work hard. Because, at the end of it, your skills will be put to a test. Make sure, you give your best shot!

Duration of Course : 3 days
Level of Difficulty : Very Difficult
Price : Rs. 15,000/-