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About Us

We are a bunch of climbers who are passionate about the sport and want to share the joy of climbing with the world. We teach, create walls and holds for you to practice, take you out on climbing trips and finally, make sure we give back to the climbing community. A portion of the money you pay us goes to train and empower climbers from rural India, through our free workshops and camps.
Climbing Courses

SCI’s basic and advanced climbing courses cover the basics of technique, equipment, safety measures and several other aspects of rock climbing. These courses are designed to provide beginners with a safe and technically correct introduction into the sport and also for intermediate climbers who want to take their climbing to the next level.

Climbing Trips

Join us on fun climbing weekend escapades or learn your basics in climbing at a beautiful location outdoors. We organise camps and fun-activities for non-climbers too.

Holds & Volumes

We are the sole official dealers of Flatholds, in India. For sales queries, please contact

Artificial Walls

SCI delivers indoor & outdoor artificial (permanent as well as temporary) walls using different materials that are best suited for the specific purpose, keeping in mind weather conditions, projected use and life-long durability.

Equipment Rent

We rent equipment and provide certified (by Karnataka govt) climbing guides in Badami for a very nominal fee to support the rural climbers.

Why Climb?

Because ...

We were all monkeys once!

Climbing is an inherent human physical activity. Children are natural climbers and while most of us tend to lose the urge and the method to climb as we grow older, the challenge and thrill that accompany any sort of climbing activity remains. Sport climbing is an adventurous, safe and challenging form of full mind and body exercise that is quickly becoming popular among some of the most fun-loving communities all over the world. There are no age or body limits.

As the popular saying goes, all the limits exist only in your mind.

Our Vision & Mission

After dedicating 15 years of his life to climbing, our founder, Praveen C M felt an urgent need to create a platform for learning and creating livelihoods for climbers from rural communities in India. He strongly believes that the quality of the sport in India can improve only when these communities are empowered. He dreams of establishing a climbing school where all students can dedicate themselves to the sport free of any financial constraints or worry about their career.

To this end, Praveen brought together a team of friends and founded the Sport Climbing India Company as a means to establish a sustainable industry in India, that could make way for future generations of Indian climbers, to excel at the sport and to earn a decent living.

Sport Climbing India (aka SCI) offers climbing courses, specially designed by Praveen himself, for all skill levels. We also offer climbing trips, in addition to building artificial climbing walls (temporary as well as permanent) and holds for your training. A portion of the funds we gather from the SCI company goes to the SCI academia where Praveen and team gives free workshops and camps to rural Indian climbers.

In Praveen's words, "A climbing school where no climber has to worry about where their next meal would come from, or whether they could afford a pair of climbing shoes, or how would they manage funds to participate in a competition abroad; is perhaps a distant dream now. But summits could be reached only through hard work and persistence. The SCI company is our first step towards achieving that dream."

The Team
Our Lucky Mascot
Kinga, as you may have noticed, is a task master. He makes sure that the SCI team is up on their feet at the break of dawn. He can often be found lounging on our Founder’s bed. He’s the neighbourhood bully and champions flying over climbing. He grudgingly agreed to be our mascot.
Praveen C M
Founder/Director/Climber/International Route Setter & Mountaineer
Praveen is the only man to have scaled the 5850m high Mt Zambala, holds several national climbing records and championships, is the only internationally qualified route setter in the country and dreams of making world class climbers out of rural Indian talent.
Lakshmi Karat
Civil Engineer/ Consultant
Lakshmi lives between India and Netherlands. She is a travel fiend, bookworm and an avid fan of the SCI team
SCI Rural Team
Climbing Students
The dedicated team from Rural South India. These kids are so energetic and natural in climbing, their dedication make them push their limits and our founder Praveen’s too. Their drive will make them the top climbers in the country one day.

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